”Mixing foot-stomping alt-folk charges with heartbreaking moments of quiesce, David is an often defiant, sometimes nostalgic artist that baulks at the concept of emotional suppression and leaves the listener in no doubt whatsoever about the abundance of honesty poured into each of his tracks.” 
  – Jamie Downes

In a deserted village in the heart of Sweden where everyone knows everyone. A young man about to embark on adult life. A train is heard in the distance. An echo from the past when the distorted guitars were at the center. A school assignment that got in the way, and changed everything.

David Rönnegård is the voice and guitar from Gagnef. The music came alive in the early stages. Hard rock opened for lifelong creativity. A school assignment with a mission to perform a self- written song gave birth to the new. The new sound, the new perspective, a new life.

Naked and unadorned, one can almost hear a pin drop when David grasps the guitar and with almost technical perfection in front of his songs with one leg in the classic folk tradition and the other in modern rock and pop. The spices in the stew consisting of David on guitar and vocals and Liz Almqvist on cello. He writes songs about life. Personal, romantic, sometimes depressing. The common thread is the consistently high quality that comes from David’s vocals and guitar strings. The EP Goddess was released in 2013 the debut album is released in the spring of 2016. This isjust a gentle start for Gagnef’s own guitar poet.